Enjoy Different Kinds Of Vaping With Different Vaping Devices

Vaping is now in trend and there are so many lounges
and shops that provided you vaping devices and fluids used for vaping. Vaping
is not harmful because the e-liquids that are vaped do not contain nicotine in
the fluid. The fluid used for vaping is known as vape juice and for further
details and a large variety of vape juice flavors click here

E- Juice is made by vegetable glycerine VG, Propylene
glycol PG, food flavor, and water. This e-juice is used as a fluid in the
vaping device. This juice converts into vapor during smoking e-cigarette and
gives you a sensation of your chosen flavor. There are so many flavors
available for vaping like fruits, candy, tobacco, coffee etc.

types of fluids used in vaping devices

There are so many types of fluids available for
vaping.  There are also vaping fluids
that contain nicotine.  E-juice and pod
juice are two types of liquids available for vaping.

  • E –juice:
    E-juice is high in vegetable glycerin and contains low nicotine. These e-
    juices are registered from FDA and this gives credibility certificate to the
    product that it is safe to use and it does not contain any harmful chemicals.
    E-juice is filled in the vaping device and that vaping device heats up the
    fluid to 200 degree – 400 degrees Fahrenheit. By that heat, the fluid turns
    into vapor and that vapor is inhaled by you.
  • Pod juice: –
    Pod juice is also a form of vaping fluid. It contains low vegetable glycerin
    and strong quantity of nicotine salt. Nicotine salt is obtained from tobacco
    leaves. Pod juices are most popular fluids used in vaping. Mostly pod juice
    contains 55mg of nicotine salt. Nicotine salt provides a satisfactory experience
    of vaping.

types of vaping devices

 Vaping device
is that instrument which helps to vape. Vaping devices are also available in
different forms to vape different liquids. 
Few are enlisted below:-

  • E-Cigarette: –
    E-cigarette is the most common and famous vaping device amongst the people. It
    is the device that runs on an inbuilt battery which helps to vaporize the fluid
    and provides smoking sensation. You can take a puff like a cigarette by
    pressing the button of e-cigarette. Design of e-cigarette resembles the pen
    with a button. This cigarette has a heating coil that changes the fluid in
    vapors. These e-cigarettes are doing a good job for those who want to quit
    smoking and are not dangerous for health.
  • Pod vaping device: – pod vaping devices are same as e-cigarette but these devices are
    pre-filled with fluid and you don’t need to carry a bottle and fill the fluid
    again and again. This pod device is handy and compatible. You can easily keep
    it in your pocket because the size of the vaping pod device is small. It has a
    chargeable battery. Performance of vaping pod device depends on the battery
    capacity.  There are so many different
    capacities of vaping pods available like 2ml and 8 ml.

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