If you are really looking to take your next long-haul bike trips to a whole other level, I suggest that you pack solar panels.  Now, this should not be that big of a deal in terms of logistics because when people go on long-haul bike trips, they usually bring saddlebags for their bikes.  These are very big pieces of leather, so you can pretty much pack even bulky items there.

Also, since you are going to be traveling in a convoy, there is definitely going to be a lot of space so you would be able to haul a lot of gear to your party.  Usually, this plays out when some people pack clothing, other people would pack food, the others would pack equipment, and so on and so forth.

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Everybody brings along specialized items and they divide all of these among themselves. Obviously, tents are part of the equation as well. Make sure you bring accessories that will ensure your tents work most optimally like rain flys, runners, and specialized tarps. Thankfully, a lot of these materials are very light and can be folded into very small compact forms for easier transport.

Now, if you bring solar panels, you would really take your trip to a whole other level. You really do because when you bring along solar panels and you collect light as your convoy goes through town, your rest stops can be very comfortable indeed.

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We’re not just talking about TV. We’re not just talking about recharging a mobile device like smartphones and tablets. We’re also talking about air-conditioning, computers, you name it. It’s like bringing your home with you.

Now, a lot of people are on the fence regarding is. They really are. A lot of people go on long-haul bike trips on a purely off-grid basis. In other words, they want to feel the rough exterior of the countries they go through.
They want to see the rough roads. They want to see the rocks. They want to see the dry brush. They view the trip really as a survival exercise so any device that brings the modern amenities and comforts of the modern house to their trip is viewed with suspicion.

So you probably would want to talk to your crew to see if solar panels would be a good idea. You have to have some sort of consensus. You can’t just assume that since most people like air-conditioning that it would be a great idea to bring solar panels and some disassembled solar air-conditioners.
You might find in the worse way possible that most of the people you’re traveling with actually want a rough adventure. They may want to take showers using natural water sources. They probably want to burn wood that they find along the way to prepare your food, and so on and so forth.
You have to have some consensus because if you go on an off-grip bike trip, solar panels are probably not welcome. However, if you’re going to be using the highway and you are stopping at one rest stop or truck stop after another, the solar panels would probably fit your plans.

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