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You may have your own preference of a motorcycle but really, as long as it is a bike, you are good to go. You have definitely come to the right place.
Bold Adventures
Bold Adventures

We have many members who have visited and crisscrossed whole continents. If you have been fantasizing about going from the Straits of Magellan at the tip of Argentina to find your way all the way to the Panama canal, this is the place for you because guess what, there are motorcycle riders who have done exactly that.

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Awesome Stories
Awesome Stories

They can tell you all sorts of stories. They can show you all sorts of pictures. Most importantly, you can get some tips on how to pull this off because make no mistake about it, if you are going from Point A to Point B, you need to get there safely. You need to get there in the most efficient way possible.

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It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle.

By efficiency, don’t get me wrong. I am not talking about skipping a lot of steps. I am not talking about getting there very, very quickly. Instead, I am talking about doing it in such a way that you conserve resources and energy while at the same time taking in all the natural attractions and social interactions available to you.

That’s what I mean by efficiency and believe me, we have no shortage of people who can give you the inside scoop on how to travel on the bike throughout South America in a very efficient manner. Maybe you are thinking of riding a motorcycle from Portugal all the way to Europe and then from Russia finding your way through Hong Kong.

Sounds awesome? Sounds crazy? Well, guess what, we have members who have done exactly that. Believe me; based on my interviews with them, it can be a lot of fun but it can be quite scary as well. While traveling through Western Europe, you probably won’t encounter many problems. A lot of the highways in Western Europe are very highly developed.

In fact, by the time you hit Germany, it would be a quick journey through that country because of the Autobahn. It is an amazing highway. There is no speed limit, so you can make quick work of Germany.

However, as you wind your way through Eastern Europe, that’s when things can get a little dicey. The roads get narrower and depending on the country in Eastern Europe, roads can get quite bumpy. I am talking about potholes. I am talking about badly maintained roads because that is part of the Eastern European experience.

Certain parts of Russia are pretty smooth, but by the time you start making your way through Mongolia, it can get quite hairy. Thankfully, once you get to China, it’s fairly well-developed, especially if you go through a coastal route. The more developed parts of China actually hug the ocean. When you find your way through Beijing, you can go to Shanghai and then through coastal roads to find yourself in Hong Kong in no time flat.

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We’re a bold bunch of riders, explorers & hard-core thrill seekers that bring it.

If you are looking to travel through Africa, this would be quite an adventure indeed. Believe me; we have quite a number of motorcyclists who have gone through Africa. If you are looking for the definition of adventure, this is it. There are a tremendous number of precautions you have to make because the infrastructure in certain parts of the African continent is not existent.

Sure, on the map it says that there is a road there, but by the time you actually go to the road, it turns out to be just a trail. And that’s putting it positively. That’s actually the best-case scenario because when you are facing a trail, there is at least some gravel there. At the very least, it is flattened or somewhat flat.

Unfortunately, in other parts of Africa, you would have to go through holes with water. I am not talking about lakes here. I am not talking about watering holes. I am talking about roads that are so badly maintained that water has accumulated, and as you probably already know, it’s not a good idea to ride a motorcycle at full speed through a very deep puddle.

None of this is to be understood as saying that Africa should be off limits to you. Africa is a beautiful continent. There are many trails there for motorcyclists that are simply mind-blowing. In fact, I prefer riding my bike in many different parts of Africa compared to many parts of America. I know a lot of people have a hard time believing that, but let’s face it; many stretches of road in America are actually quite boring.

Seeing mile upon mile of corn rows gets old really quickly. Similarly, if you are going through a city on a highway and there is a sound barrier, it doesn’t really seem much of anything. Sure, you get to see the nice skyline creeping up on the horizon and quickly fading as you leave city limits, but that’s pretty much it. You can see that in Africa as well.

The great thing about Africa is that there is so much nature. It is also very diverse in terms of climate ranges and Flora and Fauna. Some parts are just brush. Other parts are lush jungle. Other parts are grassland. There are lots of hilly parts, as well as many flat parts. There are also many areas with lakes and water features.

Of course, there are many different human habitations. All told, Africa offers a better bang for your buck in terms of wide open motorcycle adventures. Of course, just like traveling anywhere, whether it is Asia, India, Africa, the Middle East, or North and South America, you have to have your wits about you.

You have to make sure that you’re safe. You have to make sure that you have all the resources you need to enjoy the rest of your trip.

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Pack these for a truly awesome bike trip

If you are really looking to take your next long-haul bike trips to a whole other level, I suggest that you pack solar panels.  Now, this should not be that big of a deal in terms of logistics because when people go on long-haul bike trips, they usually bring saddlebags for their bikes.  These are very big pieces of leather, so you can pretty much pack even bulky items there.

Also, since you are going to be traveling in a convoy, there is definitely going to be a lot of space so you would be able to haul a lot of gear to your party.  Usually, this plays out when some people pack clothing, other people would pack food, the others would pack equipment, and so on and so forth.

A full-size image, with no alignment and no link.

Everybody brings along specialized items and they divide all of these among themselves. Obviously, tents are part of the equation as well. Make sure you bring accessories that will ensure your tents work most optimally like rain flys, runners, and specialized tarps. Thankfully, a lot of these materials are very light and can be folded into very small compact forms for easier transport.

Now, if you bring solar panels, you would really take your trip to a whole other level. You really do because when you bring along solar panels and you collect light as your convoy goes through town, your rest stops can be very comfortable indeed.

A full-size image, with no alignment and no link.

We’re not just talking about TV. We’re not just talking about recharging a mobile device like smartphones and tablets. We’re also talking about air-conditioning, computers, you name it. It’s like bringing your home with you.

Now, a lot of people are on the fence regarding is. They really are. A lot of people go on long-haul bike trips on a purely off-grid basis. In other words, they want to feel the rough exterior of the countries they go through.
They want to see the rough roads. They want to see the rocks. They want to see the dry brush. They view the trip really as a survival exercise so any device that brings the modern amenities and comforts of the modern house to their trip is viewed with suspicion.

So you probably would want to talk to your crew to see if solar panels would be a good idea. You have to have some sort of consensus. You can’t just assume that since most people like air-conditioning that it would be a great idea to bring solar panels and some disassembled solar air-conditioners.
You might find in the worse way possible that most of the people you’re traveling with actually want a rough adventure. They may want to take showers using natural water sources. They probably want to burn wood that they find along the way to prepare your food, and so on and so forth.
You have to have some consensus because if you go on an off-grip bike trip, solar panels are probably not welcome. However, if you’re going to be using the highway and you are stopping at one rest stop or truck stop after another, the solar panels would probably fit your plans.

Do survival bike trips make practical sense?

The interesting thing about long-haul bike journeys is that it’s too easy for people to want to take things to the next level. It really is. It’s kind of like picking up a new hobby.

When you first learned how to ride a bicycle, it’s only a matter of time before you start popping wheelies or doing tricks in riding. It goes with the territory. You learn something new, master it, and then show off.

A full-size image, with no alignment and no link.

Well, the same applies to long-haul bike riding. At first, you probably would cut your teeth on this hobby by sticking to the main roads. I am talking about highways. You probably would stick to very developed regions, for example, Western Europe, certain parts of China, or certain parts of South Africa.

But as you get more and more comfortable with the long-range bike rides and you develop the patience to truly enjoy such long, multi-country and multi-week journeys, you might want to take things to the next level. Of course, when it comes to long-haul bike travels, the next level is actually quite obvious. You go off-grid.

Instead of using the highway, you use dirt paths. Now, these dirt paths can be quite dangerous because if you’re going to be trespassing on private property, don’t be surprised if somebody would try to take a shot at you. It’s no joke.

A full-size image, with no alignment and no link.

It’s a good idea to consult with local authorities so you can go on dirt motorcycle trails that are on public lands. Unless you get on the wrong side of park rangers, people normally wouldn’t take shots at you. So consider yourself warned.
Still, this is the second level of long-haul bike travels. It’s all about going on survival bike trips. You go on least traveled paths. You go on dirt roads and dirt paths.

The next step is to go on real survival trips. In other words, you either have to make your own trail. You have to find your own water. You have to find food, firewood, and so on and so forth.

Survival bike trips are older age nowadays. It seems like people have gone tired of just going off-grid. Solar panels get old really quickly at least according to these people. So, does it make practical sense to go on survival bike trips? Well, it really depends on your access to the right trails.

A full-size image, with no alignment and no link.

I am not just talking about getting the legal right to go through dirt trails. This is pretty straightforward. You only need to get ahold of a government official and government resources to see a map which basically shows a trail or alternate trails going through public lands.
Of course, you still have to comply with local laws. You still have to get a license or some sort of permit, but this is pretty basic stuff. It is ministerial. It’s paperwork.

The bigger issue is resource allocation. Sure, you can get access to a desert trail, but it doesn’t make sense to go on a survival bike trip through that trail if you’re clueless as to the availability of water or firewood, or you don’t know how cold it could get at night, that kind of thing.

So to answer the question posed in the blog post, survival bike trips make practical sense if you invest a tremendous amount of time, effort, and energy researching local resources and local trails. If you are confident that you will be able to find water when you need it and you will be able to create a shelter where you go, then you should be fine.

Please understand that a survival bike trip doesn’t mean that you don’t bring along a tent. It means that you don’t bring along lams. It means you don’t bring along any kind of equipment that smacks of modern conveniences.

A full-size image, with no alignment and no link.

This is quite a commitment. This is hardcore. Don’t think that going on a survival bike trip is just basically going on a dirt road and having a good time. No, it doesn’t work that way. It’s taking things to a whole other level.

You basically have no power. You have no water and no fire-creating tools. Everything is survival. Meaning, you have to know how to rub sticks together to create a fire. You also have to know your way around flat surfaces to find the water table. You have to know how to dig things using the stuff that you find.

This is not easy, but it is a lot of fun because you are relying on your wits. You are relying on your survival skills. Going on a convoy of people doing survival trips may work because everybody is pulling their labor together. Everybody is brainstorming together to solve logistical problems efficiently.

Off-the-grid bike trips are the best.

Now, you’re probably thinking that long-haul motorcycle rides are pretty straightforward. You get on a highway on one end and get off the highway on the other end to find yourself at your destination. Then, you go on a long trip back. Maybe you fly back, take a ship, or take the train. Sounds pretty straightforward, right?

Well, you may want to reconsider because that mental picture assumes that the infrastructure would be uniform throughout your trip.  It also assumes that you would have access to continental modes of transportation that would allow the shipment of your bike back to your home.  Well, these assumptions are too much to make.

You really can’t make those assumptions.  You probably would be able to get away with it if you’re just thinking about traveling from one point in Western Europe to the borders of Eastern Europe.  However, at this point, it’s really anybody’s guess.  The bets are off past this point because there are just so many variables.

Now, you may be thinking that going from Europe all the way to Asia is an amazing thing, especially if you are using highways.  What if I told you that there is even a more adventurous way to go?  You probably would be scratching your head.  You probably would be confused.  After all, isn’t that already pushing it?  Isn’t that kind of rough to go from on secure confines of Western Europe to Eastern Europe and all the way to the wild wastes of Russia and interior parts of China?

How rough could it be?  Well, here’s the thing.  When you go on long-haul motorcycle rides, you still use highway systems.  You are still pretty much assured that your terrain is going to be nice, flat and smooth.  There will definitely be rough spots down the road, but by and large, you will be dealing with a controlled environment.

What if I told you that the most exciting way to go on a long-range bike trip is to go off-grid?  That’s right.  You basically use dirt trails or no trails at all.  In fact, I have seen bikers go through North Africa this way.  And the pictures are really mind-blowing.  You should check out the pictures section of this website.   It will really knock your socks off.

In this one pictures series, the riders actually stopped because there was a long procession of cattle and sheep in the middle of a trail.  They waited for all these sheep and goats to pass and they passed through.  In another photo series, I saw the same scene play out but this time around, one of the motorcycle riders paid the goat herd some money so instead of ripping out canned food, they had themselves a roasted goat kid.

This was a suckling goat roasted over a spit.  They burned some woody brush, sprinkled some herbs over the kid, and let me tell you, it made for really quite an eye-opener and possibly a mouth-watering journey.

If you are thinking of talking your long-haul bike trips to a whole new level, consider going off-grid.  It might just blow your mind.